Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stanwood WA, Deception Pass hike and Cedar Grove Shores

The day before we left Mount Vernon, we went back to Deception Pass to do some hiking.  The days have been so lovely here and that day was no exception.  It is easy to love this the summer time!;)  We had a great day hiking all around the Pass area and taking in the great views.

Our first day here, Friday, we borrowed the managers paddleboat and took a spin out on Lake Goodwin which is where we are parked.

view from bridge

just love the colors!  A Madrone shedding it's bark

this tree just sort of folded over but it is still growing from the "top" as well as sprouting upward near the fold!

very pretty garter snake, not seen the yellow spots before on one

The Whidbey Island Naval Air Station

looks a little different from the desert vultures but a vulture none the less!

view from our front window here in the Cedar Grove Park

Mike and I are venturing out in the managers paddleboat

that is our park in the distance

Paradise is parked right behind the motorhome with the flags

a good workout!

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