Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hagerman ID, Jerome Cheese Co., Shoshone Falls

Yesterday we drove out to Twin Falls, ID, to see Shoshone Falls.  We heard they are the Niagra Falls of the west so we had to see them even knowing this is not the best time of year for water flow.  Anyway, on the way there we saw the Jerome Cheese Company by the interstate and thought we would check it out.  Maybe they had a tour  we could do???  Well they do not have any regular tours but we got a personal tour which lasted an hour and we were taken all through the factory!  It was awesome!

We saw all kinds of machines in all kinds of rooms and heard all about the process but did not see any cheese until we saw them loading it onto the trucks!  They supply the cheese for Kraft and it is a huge operation.  It is also virtually all automated.  There is no contact with the cheese until the end. We really enjoyed the tour and having, Ken, the plants chief engineer, as our guide.  Turns out that he used to live in Vegas, Mt. Charleston actually, in Kyle Canyon on Rainbow and we know exactly where that is.  It's a small world.

You get to see the lovely outfits we had to wear but I was not allowed to take any pics inside:(   A couple of fun facts:  they process 100 two-tanked trucks of milk a day.  Milk cows are not cheese cows.  Milk cows are the black and white we all know and cheese cows are reddish brown and produce a much fattier milk.  You get about 1 pound of cheese for every gallon of milk.  A cow is milked 3 times a day for about 14 gallons a day!

sorry about pic quality but maybe fuzzy is better;) in this case

this bridge crosses the Snake River leading into Twin Falls

the haze you see in these pics is smoke from the wild fires

Shoshone Falls

in the spring all this rock surface is all the rock surface is covered in flowing water

it is still very pretty....maybe someday we will be back here in the spring!


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