Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stanwood WA, Camano Island and blackberries

We drove over to Camano Island 2 days ago to do some hiking and not only enjoyed the hike but saw the biggest woodpecker I've ever seen!  They grow them big in these parts!  We had been noticing large holes in trees and trying to guess the reason for them.....well see for yourself!

We also kept running into large areas of wild blackberries and finally filled a couple of our water bottles with some to take home.  I made blackberry crisp that night, yummy!

these are salal berries and are also ripe now, not popular though they have good, sweet taste

our hiking sticks come in handy!

hard to tell how big he is but look at the holes he pecks!!!

wild blackberries to take home and bake!

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