Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunnyside WA, Centennial Hike

We packed up Thursday morning and headed over to the Roy Robinson dealership in Marysville, WA, to have the problem with the parking bake light/chime taken care of and, of course, it took all day.  They did find the problem though and it turned out to be a short in some wiring under the dash.  We spent last night in the  dealership and headed south this morning to Yakima Valley.  We are now at the Sunnyside RV Park in Sunnyside, WA for the next 7 days.  There is agriculture and wine in these here parts so you know some of what we will be doing!

In the mean time, this is our last hike in the Stanwood area.  We did part of the 17 mile Centennial Trail, don't really know how far, at least a few miles.  There were blackberries everywhere so we picked another 2 water bottles full.  Sure am going to miss that!  And we saw some interesting critters:

morning mist on the lake with the sun shining through, at the RV park

on the trail, a redtail hawk

another snake, very small

a smaller version of the woodpecker we saw a few days ago

wish I could get his face as clear as this shot of his back!

spider on the blackberries

fuzzy caterpillar 

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