Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vale, OR, just one night

Interesting day.  We left smokey Wallowa, OR, this morning to drive into even thicker smoke in Vale, OR.  We were originally going to spend 2 nights here so we could take a quick peak around this area but the smoke is so bad we are just staying here overnight and then moving on to Haggerman, ID, for a week.  It took us several hours to get here as we took the scenic route through the mountains.  We had to stop on the road for 20 minutes to let some cowboys herd their cattle down the road.  We were worried they might bump into the motorhome but I don't think any of them even touched it.  It was quite an experience!

Here is some more from Wallowa:

Huckleberry trail, the second and last trail we did in Wallowa before the smoke moved into the valley

doesn't this old barn look like it is collapsing as we look at it....and the mule is oblivious

road trip through Hells Canyon to Hat Point to check out the deepest gorge in North America......but the smoke had moved in

sharp shinned hawk

fire lookout tower at Hat Point

at the top of the tower Mike is talking to Michael the forestry guy

If there was no smoke, you would clearly be able to see the Snake River below

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