Friday, August 31, 2012

Stanwood WA, more pics from Seattle

We are close to Marysville but closer to Stanwood so I'm going with that for our current location.  It is nice here!  We are on a lake, not a direct view but a view.  I will put a couple of pics up tomorrow of it.

I have more pics from Seattle, such a colorful city!  More tomorrow as well to finish.....I think;)

a tribute to firefighters in a park

Waterfall Park, where UPS originated

every park has it's resident musicians 

Seattle's oldest saloon, we had a beer here.......last time we were here!

ate lunch here, I had cod and chips and Mike had halibut and chips.  the fish was delish!!

famos Pike's Place Market, a very colorful place...

today I show you pics of fish......

....and flowers!

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