Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hoodsport WA, Lake Cushman and Olympic Natl Park

Monday we had to go into Olympic National Park of course as it is so close!  On the way is Lake Cushman, big lake!  Olympic NP is huge and takes up most of the peninsula so we just barely stepped inside for our first hike.  We will do a few more in the park but the park is comprised mostly of steep mountain ridges and we are not mountain goats.  They have them up here, mountain goats, and we hear they are not particularly nice to humans, hmmmm.    One trail has been closed because the goats have been chasing the hikers!  They also have cougars, bears (including grizzly), elk, dear, etc.  Would like to see some of these animals.....from a safe distance:)

Thank goodness for long summer days because the clouds hang around till 1pm or later but one can still get 6 to 8 hours of sun!

all the lake pics will be of Lake Cushman

beginning of the "Staircase" trail in Olympic NP.  It follows this river upstream for a ways

you can fish in the park but you must release.  this young man was very happy over his catch anyway and mom was there to take pics before granddad had to release it 

I'm the daring one crossing on the log, Mike took pics on his iphone

another view of my "bridge" look how clear the water is

snapped the pic just as this osprey took off, interesting shot

not a clear pic but sometimes it's the best one I can get as they don't pose for me!

views of Cushman now in the afternoon sun...

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