Monday, August 13, 2012

Hoodsport WA, Theler Wetlands

On our way to the Theler Wetlands for a hike we had to drive off the Olympic Peninsula.  These first few pics are of the Olympic NP from across the Hood Canal.  Again the morning fog which is kinda neat.  Stopped to take a few pics of the Dalby Water Wheel.

In the wetlands we walked through wild apples, plums and berries.  Apples and berries not ripe yet but some of the plums were and I helped myself to a couple.  They were yummy!

Dalby Water Wheel

the swamp trail in the Theler Wetlands

lots of crows in this part of the country, definitely not our huge desert ravens!!

a kingfisher, a huge beak for a tiny guy!!  all the better to catch fish with!

not ripe but don't they look good!

yum, plum!

hanging out in the shade

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