Sunday, August 5, 2012

Woodland WA, Continuing up the gorge

Well we are out of here and on our way in an hour but a quick blog first:

This is the rest of the day from our trip up the gorge.  One of our goals that day was to stop at the Quinett tasting room in Hood River.  Mike was really looking forward to it as we had bought a couple of their wines a couple of years ago there and really enjoyed them.  This time not so much when we got there.  The wine is, of course, different every year and sometimes it simply can't be consistently good.  Or at least what we consider good;)  We did also check out Cascade Cliffs tasting room and enjoyed a couple of their wines but they were very proud of their wines and we don't spend $60 on a bottle of wine anymore!

the train tracks on the right run inbetween us and the river in some places.....


and then switch to the other side in other places!

views of Mt. Hood from across the Columbia

Hood River

and old bank turned into a gallery

Felicia checking out the art

making use of what they have, they display the old bank door as art.....and should

took this that night....

and this the next morning

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