Friday, August 3, 2012

Woodland WA, St Johns Bridge

We have been here almost a month believe it or not and in a couple of days will be heading on to our next destination, Hoods Port, WA. It has been wonderful being able to spend some productive time with my daughter, Felicia, and son-in-law, Jeff.

Mike and I walked a wetlands trail in Ridgefield a couple of days ago and came upon the nest you see below with the 2 baby birds in it.  Then on Wednesday, Felicia, Mike and I drove to the historic St. Johns Bridge in Portland so I could take some pictures.  Love that Gothic architecture.

this little guy was right outside Paradise (our motorhome)

here is the nest we spotted first on the Ridgefield Wetlands Trail.....

...and a few pics of the babies

I think the wetlands have more mud than water right now

colorful elm tree

St. Johns Bridge, most pics taken from the park under the bridge

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