Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hoodsport WA, mountain views, Elk Lake and snakes

A beautiful day with the clouds drifting in and around the mountains!  Up here there seems to always be clouds around somewhere.  On this morning, we were looking down on the clouds moving into the mountain valleys and there was another layer of clouds over our heads.

isn't this awesome!  the clouds were flowing in and around the mountains!  What a sight!

We believe the high peak in the back is Mt. Jupiter, at least to the best of our ability which is not saying much;)

On the Elk Lake trail we walked through some madrones, the red barked trees, nice to see some more of these pretty trees.

first snake of the hike.....

....he did not want to stick around

Elk Lake

aren't these interesting!!  I think I have put a pic of these on before but they sure are interesting.

snake #2 on the way back from the lake.  he posed for me as you can see:)  just little garter snakes

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