Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hoodsport WA, salmon fishermen, women and children

Please read captions:

yep, my hiking boots and yes, it was time for them to go.......they were so comfortable!!

took this pic through the windshield as the poor thing.........

was furiously wagging his ears and tail to swish flies away......I know he was not having fun but it looked funny:)

Mason county court house built in 1929

this DQ was newly renovated but they kept the old sign, remember it?

stopped here to pick up some fresh salmon for dinner

this little guy has been visiting us in the part early evenings

Mike driving away from Paradise in the morning fog......

it is like this every morning now......

then burns off about 9 to 10am

fishermen on the Skosomish River....check them out!  It's crazy!

you see whole families out there, babies in car seats on the shore.  this is serious!

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