Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mt. Vernon WA, Wineries!

Yep, had to do a winery day!  Yesterday we drove down to the largest concentration of wineries in the state.  They are all about 60 miles south of here, 20 miles from Seattle.  Interestingly enough, they do not grow their own grapes.  Most of their grapes are brought in from the Yakima area so they are Washington grapes...... and they are good!  We did not have a wine we did not like. Some we preferred more than others but not a bad one in the bunch.  We made it to 4 wineries as you can see below.  Chateau St. Michelle was the first and we tasted 9 wines there all delicious!

Today we went to Cascades National Park. Awesome!  Tomorrow we drive to Vancouver, Canada for the day.  Will try to get a post out tomorrow but no promises as it will be a long day!

these first 4 pics are Chateau St. Michelle

from the elegant ones.......

to the "modern".........

to the garage;)   all good!

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