Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mt. Vernon WA, Ebeys Landing

After driving through Deception Pass, we carried on to Ebeys Landing on Whidbey Island.  Ebeys Landing is located across from Fr. Worden and the Olympic Peninsula and we were hoping to get some great views of the Olympic mountains.  Did not happen, of course, due to cloud cover. But we had a great hike up on the bluff and saw a couple of raptors including the falcon below and lots of ocean and air craft.  Seeing another sub, this time traveling under it's own power, would have been more exciting at the time had we been able to identify it as a sub which I did not see till I looked at my pics...but still cool!

just looking......

....then hopping to the other side because he sees something.....

....then off he goes!    Look at those talons!


there is the lighthouse with Ft. Worden in the background from across the Puget Sound

off we go on the trail.....

....looking back.....

stop to check out the birdies

the prairie you see is natural, has never  had trees

there is the sub being escorted by to navy vessels

we walked right on the edge of the bluff, my brother, Paul, would not have been comfortable on this trail!;)

somewhere under the clouds are lots of mountains!

we switchbacked our way down to return along the beach

somewhere under that house just on the beach is our jeep

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