Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mt. Vernon WA, a day in Vancouver, BC

We drove across the border last Thursday to see Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Mike had never been to Canada so we had to drive over.  No problem for me!  Had a great day in spite of rain in the morning.  Actually, by the time we arrived, the rain was down to a drizzle and dried up into a beautiful mostly sunny day.  Here are the mornings activities:

Check out the sports clubs in the park;)  Lawn bowling anyone?

no, not a mermaid, but "girl in a wetsuit"

is that a dragon coming out of the bushes?......, it's the Chinese Empress figurehead

at the kids water park Mike thought he would take advantage of the dryer as he was damp from the rain

Lumberman Arch

so you think pigeons are a nuisance?? these guys are all over and are like giant pigeons that leave giant poop piles all over the grass and sidewalks!  it's a mess!

and then we went to the gardens there

note the horse drawn carriage in the background

more from Stanley Park tomorrow

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