Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hoodsport WA, Duckabush, wineries and animals

We visited a couple more wineries in the area and Walter Dacon stands out.  We liked most of their wines and will look for them in stores.  Unfortunately, they were at the high end price wise with an average of $40 to $45.

Cameo wine store and boutique

bought the best tasting tomatoes here!!

Walter Dacon Winery

Inside Walter Dacon, the winemaker had people admire his bar which was made from an old library desk

this guy was enjoying his breakfast when I took this pic!

The Duckabush Trail

Mike stands in the middle of a fire ravaged section of the trail.  One year ago, a camper failed to put out a campfire and it burned 1300 acres in this area.  The smell of the burned wood was everywhere;(.......

fortunately it is a very large forest and mother nature steps in quickly to help restore

 fungus can be very pretty 

look at the color in this frog!

the elk were back at the Hamma Hamma bridge on the way home so we stopped for a couple more pics.  Had to get a pic of the babies.......

and the proud parents!

On the other side of the bridge I thought I was just taking a pic of the geese until I looked at the pic and saw all the seals in the background!!

We finished the day with a beer on the patio at the Eagle Creek bar.  Colorful, eh??

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