Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mt. Vernon, WA

Well, we have made our move to Mt. Vernon which is just north of Seattle.  Our move turned out to be a bit more dramatic than usual as the parking brake light came on while we were driving through Seattle accompanied by the warning ding and we had to find a stop and call service for advice.  We then had to drive past our destination to a Ford dealer to have them look at it.  Of course it requires ordering a part but we are in no danger as far as driving is concerned so we drove to the Mt. Vernon RV park where we are staying the next 2 weeks and will drive back to the dealership to have the part installed on the way "out" of town then.

The internet here is not very reliable.  I will get posts out when I can;)

Our trip to Point Townsend was, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, a full day and I have this and one more post from it so here are some pics from off the coast at Fort Worten of a submarine being towed into the Sound among other sights!

Pt. Wilson lighthouse in the distance

these tankers are crazy huge!

coast guard

USS Ford,  a frigate based out of Everett, WA

USNS Soiux towing an unidentified sub (at least we could not identify it, no numbers)

got a kick out of all the gulls using it for a perch!

USNS Sioux, ocean tug

could not identify this accompanying vessel either

Mt. Baker

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