Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hoodsport WA, Cedar Creek Grist Mill and Glen Ayr

I must finish up Woodland with the grist mill that we visited after the Ridgefield reserve last Saturday because Mike and I really enjoyed it!  Then there are some pics of our current place, Glen Ayr Resort, on the Hood Canal.

covered bridge leading to the Cedar Creek Grist Mill

the volunteers here were not just doing tours and demonstrating, they rebuilt the mill to authentic specs after it had been abandoned for many years!

the miller is pouring in grain to grind flour....

checking consistency ...

then filling sample bags for us to take home....of 3 kinds of flour if we so desired!

the view out our front window here at Glen Ayr Resort, Hoodsport, WA, on the Olympic Peninsula 

we have our own private dock across the street

looking from the dock across the highway to the resort

lots of scuba diving for crabs, etc.....not for Mike though.  Too cold!!!!

I got sh_t upon by this guy!!!  On my shoulder fortunately.....

stood right next to his perch when I took a pic and.....splat!

view of resort from highway looking south along the Hood Canal

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