Saturday, August 4, 2012

Woodland Wa, Cape Horn Trl and Falls

We head out of here tomorrow morning for our next destination, Hoodsport.  Not a long trip, less than 150 miles which will take us a half day.  Again, it has been great here being able to spend time with my daughter and husband however a new adventure awaits and Felicia and Jeff must get back to their lives!

Felicia was just promoted to Assistant Manager at Lowes and will now be taking on even more responsibility and, unfortunately, working longer hours.  Many congrats and best wishes to my beautiful daughter!  

Thursday, Felicia, Mike and I drove the Columbia Gorge to spend the day hiking and checking out wineries.  Our hiking stop was Cape Horn and the falls on the trail the destination.  Not a big falls but fun because you could walk under it and had to it you wanted to continue on the trail:

Columbia River

Felicia checking out the falls

......and now standing under it

we are all 3 behind the water now

nice rainbows showing up

a tug is pushing a section of a marina upstream....

the captain? is checking me out as I take pictures of them;)

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