Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hoodsport WA, Lena Lake and Hamma Hamma

Back into Olympia NP.  On our way we crossed the Hamma Hamma bridge and then had to pull over quickly to take some pics of the elk herd in the meadow there!  We then drove into the park to the Lena Lake trl.  It was a 6+ up and back with a steep up!  A 1300 ft elevation change.  Nice trail though with the beautiful lake at the top to have lunch by.  Then we finished the day by driving out to Hamma Hamma Falls.  A lovely falls that cascades under a bridge.  The terrain is too steep to hike down to look up at the falls but what we could see from above looked pretty good anyway!

had to pull over for a few pics of the elk herd!

on the Lena Lake trail, looks like someone stuck that tree into that stump doesn't it?

hey fungus makes good pics!

I know he is fuzzy, best I could get but wanted to show you how he has his beak buried in the bark.

fungus can be so pretty!......

.....don't you think?

at the lake this little guy greeted us like he was looking for food.....hmmmm

this is where we had lunch and no, we did not feed any wildlife!

the rest are shots of Hamma Hamma Falls from both side of the bridge

looking down where the water gushes over.....

look how it shoots out away from the wall

it is going to be strange leaving all this green when we head south!

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