Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mt. Vernon WA, Seattle

Ah, how the time flies!  Tomorrow we head south just a bit to Marysville, WA.  We were supposed to be going all the way to Sunnyside, WA but we must get the short in the parking brake wiring in Paradise fixed at a Winnebago dealer and there is one in Marysville.  So plans are rearranged.  We will be there for 6 days. Hopefully we can then still get in some time at is wine country;)

Meanwhile, here is the first set of pics from our day in Seattle.  We took the train down there for the day on last Tuesday and had a great time:

the Mount Vernon train station

our train has arrived!

we knew we were arriving in Seattle when we saw the Space Needle!

inside the Glasshouse Gallery

the glassblower seemed very cool considering the oven behind him was 1250 degrees!!

then we visited a maritime antique gallery/store

I wonder if this figurehead was fashioned after a sea mans wife

all things nautical:)

maybe this one was;)

hmmmm, what an interesting compass!

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