Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bluff Dwellers Cavern, MO

We are now in Bartlesville, OK, visiting friends for a week.  We don't anticipate seeing many new things during the week here.....could change, of course.  I do want to put up a couple of places I did not get to on our last stop as we did so much there.

While in Springdale, AR, we drove up to Noel, Missouri to visit the Bluff Dwellers Cavern.  It had been recommended and gave us the chance to get into Missouri which is the only state west of the Mississippi we had not yet visited.

Loved this cavern!  Called Bluff Dwellers because of the 8,000 year old artifacts found out front and in the first large "room" of the cavern, we got to walk through several beautiful water carved tunnels.

Artifacts included human skulls seen at the bottom of this case:

 We saw several pipistrelle bats scattered throughout this cave.

 Had not seen this formation before!  Trying to find out the name....

 Got to see a couple more cave salamanders

 An opening in this passageway had water raining down from the high ceiling , just beautiful!


  1. do they still have the eight foot tall human skeleton that they found buried in the entrance, hanging on the wall behind glass ?

    1. We did not see or hear about any such skeleton!


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