Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crystal Bridges Museum and Hobbs State Park

We are leaving NW Arkansas tomorrow but what a week we have had!  In between the rain showers we managed to do quite a bit.  The Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville is a must see!  Beautiful architecture and beautiful art, it was Alice Walton's brain child (Sam Walton's daughter - Walmart) and is her museum which she continuously buys art for.  It is free to the public.

The permanent collection is very large.  Most of it is in storage and is rotated through the museum every so often.  It was a pleasure just looking at the buildings themselves which are built over a lake:

A Van Gogh 

A Picasso!  La Toilette.  Picasso  really could paint other than abstract!

 One wing of the museum is used for activities and on this day there was a celebration called Dia de los Ninos and we got to watch part of a Mexican Folklorico!

This beautiful Georgia O'Keefe was recently added to the museum collection at a price tag of 44.4 million!

Norman Rockwell's, Rosie the Riveter 
 No kidding, this amazing statue is part of the collection.  If it weren't for the wire around his bench you would think this guy was real!  Actually people still did and I don't blame them.  Amazing!  not made of wax.

 We did a nice hike at nearby Hobbs State Park Conservation Area:

Never know what you are going to come across in the woods.  There is no road any where near this old relic

This tree grew an interesting branch!

 A beautiful view of Beaver Lake was our goal on this loop hike
 The blue heron in flight was a bonus!

 The Apple Blossom Brewery and restaurant in Fayetteville had good beer and great food too!

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  1. What a cool find! Love the architecture and grounds.


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