Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Osage Hills State Park, OK

Bartlesville, OK, is very fortunate to have some nice walking trails.  At the Riverside RV Park, where were are currently staying, you can hop on the trail and walk or ride bikes in either direction for miles.  Because there is a lot of forested area, the easy access has indeed been a pleasure.

We did, however, get out a bit further and went on a very nice hike in Osage Hills State Park which is just west of us about 15 miles in Pawhuska, OK.  A nice varied landscape, we walked by an old CCC site, a lake, and falls on the trail:

lookout tower

Nothing but the chimney left here....

and a foundation there

 On the left it looks like the forest grew over an old parking lot....with the cars still there!

Below, this building, a distance from the main CCC site, housed the dynamite used in construction

The CCC built structures to last!
 Not a big falls but very scenic!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the old cars in the forest. I wish they'd bring back the CCC.


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