Thursday, April 9, 2015

Not Just Museums and Food/Beer in Memphis!

We have managed to do a little hiking while here;) Hard to believe, I know.  Just outside Memphis are a couple of nice state parks.  We hiked in Meeman-Shelby Forest SP with it's more open, rolling hills and Meeman Shelby SP (no mistake, same name) which is a lot more rustic and woodsy with sharper ridge like hills.

I thought the trail we did at Meeman Shelby SP was beautiful but strongly advise against going there right after a rain as we did and had to deal with hordes of mosquitoes and oppressive humidity!....But look how beautiful:

 A large tree had recently fallen over on the plank wood path we were on.

Beautiful spring flowers everywhere!

We found out Gibson had a guitar factory right near Beale St. downtown so we had to go there for a tour of course!

I had fun trying out a few beautiful, $3000 plus guitars!

Mike is a bread pudding fiend and he read that King's Palace Cafe has the best around.  I am not a bread pudding person but had to admit this one was yummy!  Mike really liked it and probably would have loved it had they not put chocolate on it....which was not a problem for me;)  I guess I did mention food in this posting after all!

An open air park right down on Beale St. had live music this day and was really fun because not only were they good but they let other musicians sit in.  The harmonica player below was visiting from Germany and played a mean harmonica!


  1. You guys have been busy! We've experienced Southern humidity in TX too...I can live without that!

  2. I think you must really be raised in a humid climate to be able to function in it!;)


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