Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fordyce Bath House, Hot Springs, AR

We are out of here tomorrow and it turns out, not uncommon, that we could have done several more things here and stayed longer had we researched better;)  Just more for next time! We are staying in the Lakeside Landing RV Park near Lake Hamilton and did not get a chance to explore Lake Hamilton which looks lovely!  There are some beautiful gardens near by, etc., etc.

The Fordyce Bath House is the Visitor Center for the Park and contains the bath house museum.  Great fun because it is just as it was in the early 1900s.  We enjoyed wandering through it:

Fordyce Bath House 

a bath before touring

the cooling down room

needle point shower

clothing would be for the ladies attendant 

sitz bath and vapor closet, hmmmm
 For whatever reason, the mens bathing area was much more elaborate than the ladies!
mens bath hall

ladies dressing rooms

the most modern weight resistance equipment available at the time!

lounging area

tub for those needing a bit more help


 Here are a few more pics I took while hiking....in between rain showers!

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