Friday, April 3, 2015

Vicksburg NMP, MS, Part 2

Vicksburg was, in fact, pretty much impenetrable as Grant found out after having his troops pushed back on several occasions when he then decided to lay siege to the city around mid May of 1863.  47 days later General Pembroke surrendered as the city had run out of food and other necessities.

Here is a general summary of casualties:

 Half way around the battle field, is the USS Cairo Museum.  Very cool because it houses the resurrected ironclad gunboat which was salvaged from the Yazoo River nearby.  It had been resting in the muck since the Civil War.  It is the only iron clad in existence and something to see!  It was sunk by one of the first torpedoes made.

USS Cairo as it was
 The cemetery in the park has only Union soldiers resting there.  There are many, many unknown.  The Confederate soldiers were buried in the Vicksburg Cemetery :

 This location marks the Confederate lines over looking what used to be the Mississippi.  The river changed course some years after the war and can be seen to the very far left in the picture now.

General Pembroke

Texas monument

Alabama monument

Kentucky Confederate monument

Georgia monument

Indiana monument

Kentucky  monument

Iowa monument

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