Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cosmic Caverns, Berryville, AR

We drove about 45 miles northeast of Springdale, AR, to see Cosmic Caverns.  There are lots of caves available to visit in the area. We chose this and one other to see during our week here:

This cave entrance was just a hole in the ground and we took a couple of very steep, slippery, flights of stairs to get down into the cave:
There are two large "lakes" in this part of the cavern.  This one is called the Bottomless Lake because it goes down at least 1 mile....they don't know how much further:

This cavern houses one of the best "collection" of soda straw formations....they are beautiful and very fragile!
Check out this small column, notice the spiral in the top part of the column:
In the center of this pic, you can see in the detail below, a curtain of soda straws:

detail of soda straw curtain

forming on these small stalactites are very tiny hair-like helictites which travel in every direction!

We did see one bat and this cool cave salamander!
After the caverns, we stopped and enjoyed some Arkansas wine at Keels Creek Winery!


  1. What an awesome cave, the salamander is pretty neat! Never seen one in a cave before.

    1. It was neat to see the salamander Lisa! Many of the caves in this area are closer to the surface and so have a little more "wildlife" in them.


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