Friday, April 10, 2015

Memphis Odds and Ends

Left Memphis this morning and also left a few things for us to do next time we are in the neighbor but it was a busy time for sure!
A few more things that happened while we were there:

Made new friends, Bruce and Sue from Seattle, WA!  Enjoyed Lafayette's Music Room and Restaurant 

 This Northern Mockingbird (just happens to be the Tennessee state bird) and it's mate tried all day long to build a nest on our ladder.  We knocked it off several times before they finally got the hint and went else where!

One last museum, the Memphis Rock and Soul  Museum:

 Had a lot of the same history as the other museums we checked out including a few new things.  To the left is the radio transmitter used to broadcast the Grand Ole Opry.  Next to it is the dress Minnie Pearl wore on the show.

Note the floor model radio, a must have!  It was so big!
 Sam Phillips of Sun Studio was the first to feature a women's only radio station which played pop hits and jazz.
Back at our campground the Graceland RV Park, a couple gets picked up by a pink limo for a dinner date!

Our last walk in Memphis. We did the riverfront walk along the Mississippi.  Very enjoyable!

a tow boat pushing a barge out on the is a very big river!!!!

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