Sunday, April 5, 2015

Memphis, TN

We are spending a week in Memphis, TN.  There is a lot to do here! We went down to Beale Street the first night here for music and BBQ.  Then yesterday we checked out a couple of breweries and enjoyed live music and good food at Lafayette's in Midtown:

Beale Street in downtown Memphis is closed off in the evenings for the night crowd just as in Austin.  Unfortunately for us,  most places here allow smoking!

Beale Street

 We enjoyed the brews at Wiseacre and, as you can see, so did a lot of other on this beautiful day!
 Bosco's in Midtown also had some nice beer:
 Right across from Bosco's, we enjoyed live music by Mason Jar Fireflies and some delicious shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes!  Yum!

 We sat upstairs and had a great view of Mason Jar
Fireflies.  They were very good.  Wrote a lot of
their songs!

 Love this mural!
downtown bus


  1. Smoking inside?!?!?! I noticed there are a lot of smokers in TX, especially Austin. At least they could only smoke outside. I was surprised to see so many young people smoking.

    Looks like a fun town though!

    1. Apparently bars, 21+, that serve food can allow smoking and many do. Many of them also offer live music.....oh well.

      There is a lot to do here. We knew we would need a week and it is proving to be a very full one!:)


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