Sunday, April 26, 2015

Buffalo National River, AR

Our last adventure in Arkansas was a day trip to the Buffalo National River, about an hour and a half north east of where we were in Springdale.

This beautiful river nestled in the Ozarks was designated by Congress in 1972 as our first National River in order for it to be preserved as a free flowing stream.  The area contains many prehistoric sites, some 8,000 years old.  We walked two trails that day and put it on our list of places to return to some day as we saw but a fraction of the river.

 The Lost Valley Trail took us past Jigsaw Blocks.......
 ....and Natural Bridge...... Eden Falls.......

 and up to Eden Falls Cave, a shallow cave where the falls originates and signs of prehistoric  people were found.

 We then drove a few miles and admired the scenery....

 ...then it was another nice walk on the Whitaker Point Trail, a highly photographed overlook.  More beautiful scenery......

 ....ending at Whitaker Point from which you can see the Buffalo the winter;)  When there are no leaves on the trees!  It was great nonetheless!
Whitaker Point

 Not many houses in this area but half of them looked like they were barely standing!


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    1. It is and we will definitely check out more of the river on our next trip through that area;)


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