Monday, April 20, 2015

Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, AR

We thought we might be able to catch the gardens in-between rain showers, but that was not meant to be.  However, it is a very nice multi-themed gardens (Japanese, children's, vegetable, etc) and for the $5 price tag a great place to spend a couple of hours!

I know my granddaughter would love the children's garden!  Complete with tunnels, bridges, sand box, etc.,

Loved the children's statues situated
throughout the gardens!

 So when it find a winery and/or brewery!  We found both that day.  First Tontitown Winery where we discovered a delicious port.......

....and then Saddlebock Brewery.  Nicely out in the country a bit.

Very enjoyable!


  1. Looks like a perfect day despite the least it must have been a warm rain!

    1. Never thought I'd be carrying around an umbrella!


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