Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coos Bay OR, more coast, a baby seal and ospreys

Yes, I have another awww moment for you all below.  South of Bandon we spent some time walking around this stretch of beach.  We were directed here because it is a nesting area for several birds and we were told we would even see puffins.  Unfortunately, we did not see any puffins but we did see common murres, cormorants, seagulls of course, and an oyster catcher....and seals!

to the right of the "hole" there is a rock at water level with several seals on it....

there they are!

and look...this little one was by itself on a near by rock

isn't he adorable?

look at the colorful starfish all over the wall behind the seals

it was a much better picture taking day for the tide pools

cute huh?  the children are in the distance building a sand castle

this is call Face Rock, can you see her looking to the right head tilted up?  she is covered with birds and poop

on our way home for the day we stopped to check out the ospreys in their nest next to a bridge

there goes mom....or is it dad????


  1. Great pics! Luv OR! With the heat here...wish we were there too!

  2. We had Osprey living in our cove at one time.


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