Monday, July 2, 2012

Coos Bay OR, Coquille Lighthouse and Bandon

Each of the lighthouses definitely has their own character. Here is the Coquille River Lighthouse.  We stopped for a look around before proceeding to the town of Bandon.

Wood carvings are big in these towns.  After all, there is no shortage of available lumber or a tree trunk if you have a chain saw.  Please read captions for more:

Yes, Charlie Tuna himself in our nearby town of Charleston....

and Davey Jones Locker.....does not look like such a bad place to end up;)

Cranberry fields.  No kidding.  Not bogs, they are grown on vines in fields and then the fields are flooded at harvest so the cranberries float to the top of the water for easy corralling.

looks like the mid section of this bridge is raised to accommodate taller boats

Coquille River Lighthouse...hope you can read the sign

the boat in the background is dredging the entrance to the river

town of Bandon seen from the lighthouse

the same bridge over the Coquille River

welcome to Bandon

lots of woodcarvings down on the riverfront

cool huh? note the lighthouse in the background

the are school children are having a dragon painting contest....

and they were awesome!

especially loved the use of the light house in the paintings

scenic little town

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