Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Woodland WA, Upper Ape Cave

Tomorrow Jared and Jen arrive with Allie (our granddaughter) to visit for a week.  I am so excited!  There will be Allie pictures soon!

The Upper Ape Cave was a lot more fun because it was a lot more challenging.  We did a lot of rock scrambling and had to scale an 8ft wall.  I could not see all the color in the rock while we were down there.  Fortunately the colors showed up in the pictures, amazing!  It was a lot of fun.  As soon as we left the cave, we were taking clothes off as fast as possible.  The temp inside was 42 and the temp outside was 80ish!!

Jeff up on a "shelf"  look at all the color

I had to ask Felicia and Mike to look down so I could take a pic without their headlamps blinding me!

Jeff and Mike

a skylight, the only one

thought the floor was interesting

climbing out

I did not blur the pic, what you see is condensation on my lens as I take a pic of the exit from the outside

Mt. St. Helens from the cave exit

you would never know the cave was in the middle of those rocks!

small lava tubes on the hillside

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