Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Woodland WA, Portland and Saturday Market

Allie and Uncle Jeff and Kuro, ready for the day!

arrival at the Saturday Market

Felicia checks out a purse made of filmstrips!  very creative

always nice to have a little live music

well he is honest

throwback to the 60's

Jen checking out tutus....possibly for Allie??

very cool, art made from numbers!

playing with knives?? Careful!!

ok, it was a good show, Allie gives a couple of bucks

time to cool off in the fountain!

this is going to be fun!

yep, thats where the water comes out....

this is fun!......

let's get closer.....

oh no, got a face full that time!!!

free ride!

Portland skyline.....

great photo op!

one tired little girl

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