Friday, July 27, 2012

Woodland WA, Bonneville Dam and a brewery!

After Beacon Rock, we drove to Bonneville Dam.  Very interesting, a different kind of dam.  Not at all like Hoover.  It is still huge though and crosses the entire Columbia.  It also has a lock system for boats.

We went to the visitors center there and checked out the fish ladders:

just one section of the dam

no, not dead.  Kerry is taking pictures of flowers

in the visitors center you can view the fish climbing the ladder....

that is a lamprey, it is a fish though it looks like and eel to me!

mesmerized by the fish going by

an osprey sees a fish.........

tucks his wings in and dives.........

dinner tonight!

time for a tour of the Full Sail brewery

waiting for tour to begin

tour guide

it was noisy!!! but interesting

time now for lunch and beer at the pub

loved the beer on the left, Session Black, yum

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