Saturday, July 14, 2012

Woodland WA, bald eagle and Fort Stevens

The eagle below posed for me a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, it was a grey, misty morning and I could not get a crisp shot.  Maybe next time!

Fort Stevens was interesting.  During the Civil War troops were stationed along the coast and around the entrance to the Columbia River in the event that the British would try to sail up the river into the country.  That never happened, of course, but the batteries that were built (the concrete, bunker like buildings) were used again and again over the years and subsequent wars.  At Ft. Stevens, you cans see a replica of one of the 6in "disappearing" rifles mounted in the battery just as it would have been and you can tour a battery with a guide to give you some background on operating these huge guns.... they also had a couple of 10in guns at this fort at one time.  As I said, it was interesting!

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