Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woodland WA, Beacon Rock Trail

I already need an Allie fix and she left just yesterday!  Thank goodness for facetime!

Here are pics from the Beacon Rock Trail.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Though it was a steep climb, there were so many switchbacks it was not hard to walk.  The trail was built by a couple of guys, Biddle and his buddy, back in 1937.  Took them 3 years.  No surprise there!

The Columbia Gorge

have to get out at the view point and have a look see!

the history part

doesn't look too crazy

Allie needs water. It's warm!

At the top waiting for the rest of the group

here we all are!  What a good looking group!!

Allie with Mom and Dad

good angle on the switchbacks!  have to go down now!

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