Saturday, July 7, 2012

Woodland WA, picking Marionberries and more!

Yesterday we picked marionberries from a local farm.  Just like with the cherries a few weeks ago, it was a $1 a pound.  We had fun and got a little carried away ending up with 11 pounds!!  The first thing Jeff, the wanna be cook, did was make a marionberry was yummy!

Before we get to marionberries though, a couple of bugs, more awesome Oregon coastline and July 4th pancakes!

is this amazing or what????

the corvette club attended the pancake breakfast

this was just a half block from our RV park in Coos Bay so we walked over for breakfast on July4th morning

Marionberries!  Mmmmmm

you just pick them as they ripen

one in the bucket then one in the mouth

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time to look for marionberry recipes  

the weigh-in......11 pounds!!!

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