Monday, July 16, 2012

Woodland WA, Ape Cave

Yes, you read that right.  Ape Cave is a lava tube....a huge lava tube, miles long.  A result of lava flow from Mt. St. Helens.  No not the eruption in 1980.... a couple thousand years ago.  It's pretty wild!  You descend into the tube about half way and can then explore either direction.  The lower cave, in the pics below, is easy going and all can do it.  Keep in mind though, that one must have adequate lighting.  It is pitch black other wise.  Tomorrow I will have pics of the upper cave, a bit more challenging.  More fun and fewer people.

this is a salmon berry, the fine hairs on it tickle your tongue when eaten....and they are good 

this bridge goes across the mouth of the Columbia, note how they got around the drawbridge.....just build it high!  it is fun to cross!

sunset on a marina

Mike, Felicia and Jeff are ready for Ape Cave!  42  degrees down there! 

yes, down there!

as you can see, we can easily walk this end, with lights anyway;)

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Jeff under "meatball rock"

at the lower end the ceiling also lowered and Jeff crawled for a ways.....then came back, gets a little creepy

we finished the lower half and went back up top for lunch

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