Thursday, July 5, 2012

Woodland, WA

Yes, we made our move today to Woodland, WA, where we will be spending the next month!  Just 15 minutes from my daughter, Felicia, and her husband, Jeff.  They are in Ridgefield.  We are staying in the Columbia Riverfront RV Park and, as it's name implies, we are right on the Columbia!  It is awesome!  Even better, in a week my son and his wife, Jared and Jen, and our granddaughter, Allie, will be out visiting.

I will be putting pics on the blog from Coos Bay for a few more days for the usual reason....I have lot's more I want to show from that area.  Please read captions:

tug boats

the boardwalk had an interesting display on tugboats

these seagulls are right near the boardwalk on some old pilings......

.....and if you look closely in the center, you can see four chicks huddled together

mountains of logs.....

each with it's own code for inventory

this carving was great....

....all the way around!

when lightening hits sand, it can make glass!

I just liked these old boats in the harbor at Winchester Bay

Yes, this one actually had trees growing out of it, it has been there for so long!

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