Sunday, July 8, 2012

Woodland WA, bird rookery and Silver Falls

The day before we left Oregon, July 4th, we drove to see 2 waterfalls, the Silver and Gold Falls.  On our way there we saw trees next to the Umpqua River full of birds and when we pulled over to check them out, found out it was a nesting area for egrets and cormorants.  It was crazy and unbelievable!  I had to take pics through the trees but did manage to get a few good ones.  Below is Silver Falls, tomorrow I will put Gold Falls on the blog:

yep, these are the babies, fledglings at this point....not much room in the nest!

these 3 are going nuts because mom has returned with food

here she is feeding one of them, no her beak is not down it's throat, just off to the side

Silver Falls

just crossing the trail

this fledging was next to the road on our way back, not really flying yet.  Hope the bald eagle that flew over head while we were there did not get him!

Here is the view from across the river

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