Friday, August 30, 2013

Geysers and More and Yellowstone!

I knew this was going to happen folks.  How can someone who loves to take pictures stick to 20 a post??  This was just our first day of a 2 week visit to the park.  If there are too many pics then just skim through but I could not narrow them down anymore!

The first animal we saw after entering the park was a bison walking near the road but I did not like the pic so much so we'll start with the elk we saw next in a meadow.  This bull was chasing the cow around the meadow.......

 Until he got tired and decided to sit for a spell
 Then we saw the second bison and I really like this pic with the geysers in the background
 We saw a third lonely bison before arriving at Old Faithful where we happened to arrive just in time for an eruption!  Very nice.  That is the lodge in the background.
 Then it was off on foot to explore the geyser field there.......just awesome!  Some of the geysers were monitored and predictions were made for when they would erupt and were posted at the visitor center  but the predictions were just that and some spanned several hours. So we decided to check out as many as we could and hopefully catch some going off.  We had great luck!  It was an amazing morning!
 We walked miles on a raised wooden walkway so as not to disturb the area.

 Grizzly and elk tracks next to each other near a couple of the geysers....
 This was obviously a trail they used often.  There were warning up about a grizzly and her 2 cubs in the area.  We did not see any bears today.

Morning Glory Pool
 Behind this pool you can just see some geese to the right.......
 Their version of going to a spa;)

Grotto Geyser

This is Castle Geyser and it was an amazing eruption, it went off for at least a half hour!
 Here we are in front of Castle Geyser

Depression Geyser
 This is Anemone Geyser, it did not look like it had gone off for a while as it seemed to be quite dry.  Then as we were looking at it, it suddenly started spouting up boiling water.  No warning, made me jump!

 As we headed back to the lodge, we saw crowds gathering around Old Faithful and got to witness another eruption from a different angle!

 We spent a good 4 hours checking out the geysers and pools in this area, had a quick lunch and moved on to the Black Sand Basin .......

 And then on to Biscuit Basin.......
Saphire Pool
 Then we thought a short hike would be a nice finish to our first day and choose Mystic Falls trail which started off Biscuit Basin.......
 This is about a 60 foot cascading falls and here a few views.......

 We then took the Firehole road and checked out the Firehole pool.....
And saw a coyote on our way out!   What a day!


  1. What a fantastic day! The way that male elk was following the female, I wonder if you are at the beginning of the rut? There is no way you can stick to your 20 pics in this country!

    Metamorphosis Lisa


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