Thursday, August 29, 2013

Postbridge, Our Last Day in Glacier

We have just spent the night at the Lincoln Road RV Park in Helena, MT.  It was fine for the night, level spaces, gravel pull throughs, plenty of width between sites.  We did not hook up sewer or unhook the jeep as it was just the night.  The place was fine for the bargain price in this area of $38.52.  It is located just about a mile off the I-15.

Here is the last day of our Glacier adventures so I'm ready for Yellowstone this evening!;)

We decided to check out Polebridge, a one store, one bar community just outside the NW edge of Glacier.  And then loop back just inside the park to Apgar Visitor Center and on back down to Columbia Falls. Just inside the park we wanted to check out Bowman Lake for a short hike.

It was a lovely day and although we'd heard some concerns about the road, we found it passable by all vehicles with a lot of potholes to watch out for.  We had heard through friends about a good bakery at the store in Polebridge so we checked it out!:

 Ahhh, the bakery!!  We were ready for a pastry;)
 You can see Mike's stack;)  We did each have a huckleberry claw.  Delicious!!
 They had a great variety of delicious looking goodies.  And a line!  We had to wait for our turn with the locals, hostel and camping folks.

After the treat it was back into the park.  We were able to get another stamp for our passport at the Polebridge Ranger Station.
 And then off on our last hike in Glacier

 The trail followed a path close to the lake so we could catch glimpses of the lake through the trees

 As usual, it was lovely!  By the time we left the lake, the kayakers were coming in like crazy and no wonder!
 After lunch at the picnic area next to the lake we headed south down a one lane dirt road in the park
 Until we arrived at what looked like another ranger station.  So we stopped to check it out.  This ranger was taking the mules with supplies up to a kids camp.
Wile we stood talking to a couple that works there during the summer we heard a tree fall.  Thats quite a sound!  They said it happens regularly as there was a lot of dead wood in the forest from a fire 20+ years ago.  We walked with them to check out the road in case the tree had blocked it.  As we were walking they were telling us how they had to shoo the bears away from the station constantly because the choke cherries were in abundance and attracting the bears.

The road was clear so we headed back through a small primitive campground there and you could see the choke cherries everywhere.  Then we heard a familiar crashing in the bushes and looked out to see a black bear feasting on the berries!  The couple shooed the bear away with clapping and waving branches and shouting.  He was reluctant to go though he did after a few minutes.

Our last exciting adventure in Glacier!
choke cherries

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  1. Glad you made it out to Polebridge, the pastries looked pretty darn good! Great fungus photos! And another bear! How come no picture????

    Metamorphosis Lisa


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