Thursday, August 1, 2013

Woodland WA, More pics from Rick and Cara's visit

We did a lot while Rick and Cara were here!  This is the last set of pics from their visit:

We drove out to the coast and stopped at Astoria

this little guy was by the side of the road with his mother
The Astoria Column Historical Monument is up on a hill with a fantastic view of the area.  It depicts the  discovery and settlement of the Columbia River.  We climbed the circular staircase to the top....164 stairs!

This bridge connects Oregon to Washington

These are views from the top of the column

Rick and Cara

 Leaving Astoria we headed south to Ft. Clatsop State Park and saw this eagle by the side of the road!
 Fort Clatsop is where Lewis and Clark wintered before heading back east.

 From there we drove to Sea Side for lunch and a stroll to the beach
Lunch at Normas was delicious!  I had a combination seafood plate. Yum!

We had to take Rick and Cara to Tillamook

 Back at their hotel room in Woodland I took this pic off their balcony
 Rick and Cara's last morning we checked out the waterfront in downtown Portland....

 Went to Voodoo Doughnuts...

 And had lunch at Kells Irish Pub before they had to leave for the airport.

lots of international  food for the lunch crowd

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