Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lava Canyon, Part 1

Mt. St. Helens is one of the prominent peaks we have been able to see most days during our stay.  It is a beautiful area to visit but we have not had much time to do so during this years stay.  Mike and I did get out for a day to hike Lava Canyon which is at the bottom of the south slope of the mountain.

As its name implies, the canyon was formed from lava flows over thousands of years.  Every time the mountain erupts as it did in 1980, it shapes the landscape a little more.   It is amazing how beautiful the area is, some of it as a result of the volcanic activity!  Water flows through the canyon and there are beautiful waterfalls.

This beautiful trail takes you down canyon right on the edge of the canyon wall in many places.  There were a few signs warning that fatalities occurred every year and to use extreme caution!  It was steep and a bit treacherous!

 Behind Mike is a suspension bridge which crosses the canyon.  Way cool!!!!

 Looking down from the bridge

 You can see how narrow the path is here, what you can't see is how steep the drop off into the rushing waters below!!

 We had to climb this 30ft vertical ladder to continue on the trail......
 You cannot be afraid of heights!

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  1. What a great trail! One more place on my list...!

    Metamorphosis Lisa


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