Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lava Canyon, Part 2

Today marks our last full day in Woodland.  It has been an amazing experience, being here for the birth of our second grandchild and watching wildlife develop their families at the same time.  Tomorrow we head out to our next destination, Glacier NP.

Lava Canyon, though steep and a great workout, was a short trail leaving us with time to explore Lake June also in the area.  The Lake June trail was an easy gradual hike to the shallow lake with a beautiful waterfall and views of Mt. St. Helens through the trees along the way.  We decided to continue past the lake up a steep ascent into the lava fields, beautiful in their own way with wild flowers growing every where!

Back at the top of Lava Canyon where the trail began

Note Lava Canyon and Lake June in relation to Mt. St. Helens

Stopped at a couple of view points for some pics of St. Helens

On Lake June trail we could see glimpses of St. Helens through the trees

Lake June

Lake June waterfall

approaching large lava rock flows

on the right you can just see the tip of St. Helens over the top of a lava flow

the volcanic soil makes a nice garden!

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