Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

We are spending 2 weeks here in CO Springs so we can spend some quality time with our friends, Gordon and Evelyn.  People I have known for 30 years.  I met them with my ex when we were stationed in Germany those 30 years ago.

Gordon has to work so Evelyn chauffeured us to the Air Force Academy where we checked out the visitor center to learn all about the cadets schooling and then a short walk over to the famous chapel.  Built in 1962, it is still a beautiful piece of modern art.  The chapel actually houses 4 chapels, the Protestant on the main floor, Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist underneath.

Mike and Evelyn arriving at the Barry Goldwater Visitor Center

 Looking down on CO Springs, just like the Redtail in the pic!

 First year cadets must jog on the white lines only of the plaza to get from place to place;)

Catholic Chapel

Jewish Temple

Buddist Chapel
 Redtails out every where enjoying a cloudless day!

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