Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snowy Range Hike, Saratoga, WY

Once again I'm blown over by the different kinds of beauty we see every where we go.  We did not expect any great surprises hiking in the Medicine Bow National Forest near  Saratoga, WY.  And we had a very nice hike with no great surprises.....Then we drove further up to the higher peaks for a short hike and look at some of the lakes and the highest peak in the Snowy Range, Medicine Bow.  Take a look at this amazing, dramatic scenery!!!!

Don't you love signs like this?

 After our hike in the lower forest we drove up to the 10,700 ft pass on highway 130 and this is what we saw!!  We did a shore hike up here but it was cold and windy!  A sign advised hikers to not start a hike after 3:30 due to the sudden storms that passed through.  We got hailed on at about 1:30!

 Medicine Bow peak is the slight bump in the middle of the pic at 12,013 ft high it is the highest in the range.

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  1. Gorgeous! I had heard that Medicine Bow area was worth a visit and you have proved that true!


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